Lack of Xbox light gun games

Last weekend I was at cash converters in town looking at bargins, Amazingly I saw an xbox 360 with wireless controllers, hard drive (which is required for playing older xbox games on the 360) and the dvd remote for the extremely low price of $360. Now at the time of writing, the cheapest xbox deal on trademe is well over $400 and thats for the core system only, so Im really kicking myself at the moment (I obviously didnt buy it). The only game at the moment which to me would justify spending that money on an xbox would be Guitar Hero 2 which I have been playing heavly with Jo and Blair on the xbox 360 at work. The options to upgrade to the upcomming “Rock Bands” (Which combine the guitars, some drums and singstar style singing into the one game) also helps make this a worth while investment, but allast, I missed out 😦

Anyway, the other bargin I spotted was a Xbox light gun for $12 which I thought was pretty darn good so swiped my card and went home with my new toy to search on the internet for what game titles are avaliable. To my amazement, I found very few.  The 2 that I did find were the “Silent scope” series, which reminds me of the old sega game virtua cop but with the twist of having a scope function, and “The house of the dead” series which is more of your typical shoot as many zombies as you can and as fast as you can!!!.

After a huge hunt online and around town I managed to track down a old copy of “The house of the dead 3” which United Video was selling as a resurfaced ex rental for $20. The back cover talks about it also having the 2nd of the series avaliable as a unlock (I’ll post the save game which allows for the unlock once I find one or once I’ve clocked/unlocked it myself). At the same united video (Courtney Place) they were renting out “Silent scope Complete” which is a 4 in one game containing all 3 of the arcade versions and the original console game (a grand price of $3.50 for 8 days). Short of this, I couldnt find any others.

So huge Disapointment, more so knowing that Silent scope is only a 1 player game!!!.

All is not lost however as I have read on the net in a few places that a lot of these light guns on the xbox work with MAME games so if you have a modded xbox, a MAME emulator installed and some “legal” mame games around (I dont endorse piracy on my blog 🙂 ), you should be able to hook these up.

Moral of the post (and a note to Microsoft Xbox Team), Please please please, if you plan to release peripherals for the Xbox (360), make sure there are enough people out there to support development of games using these cool toys. A great example would be Guitar hero, which has been rumored that the guitar would be reusable for the upcomming games Activision releases in this series (Rock Bands).

If anyone out there knows of any other xbox games which support the Light Gun, I would greatly appreciate if you could post a comment with their names.

List so far:

  • point.gif Silent Scope Complete (contains 4 slient scope games on the one dvd)
              1 Player Game
  • point.gif The house of the dead 3 (contains The house of the dead 2 as an unlock)
              1- 2 Player Game
  • point.gif Starsky & Hutch 
              1- 2 Player Game


A list of Light gun games has been found on wikipedia, dont know why I didnt find this before…. Anyway, confirms there are only 3 games for the xbox using light guns, totally guttered…


3 Responses to “Lack of Xbox light gun games”

  1. Doug Says:

    Thanks for sharing these Xbox 360 thoughts. I’m bookmarking this for future reference.
    First we have the Xbox 360 which of course is the next generation in the Xbox line. We also have the Sony PlayStation 3 which is Sony’s newest incarnation of the PlayStation which caused quite a ruckus upon its release, and then we have the Nintendo Wii which on its opening day completely sold out all available units
    I am currently on holiday so, for this reason, I’ve nothing better to do than surf the web for Xbox 360 games, lie around and update my blog. Well, more or less anyway. Doug

  2. syscon Says:

    holidays….I would think holidays would be occupied by playing on teh consoles 🙂
    Theres been a few times where i’ve come really close to getting a 360 (esp for guitar hero and bands) but holding off for cheaper prices and also until I feel confident that tehre are no more issues with them 🙂
    Work has a 360 and I’m glad to say that after it was returned for repairs, it hasnt had any issues but still…

  3. chris Says:

    i think there is a die hard game that supports light gun. dont quote me on that though

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