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Some free time to build a trademe watchlist gadget

October 26, 2007

screenshot_img.pngWohoo, I finally managed to get hold of a few hours to try and build a vista gadget. I call it the “Trademe Watchlist watcher”. Being a trademe fan and all, I thought why not do a small gadget that would screen scrape (due to lack of web services) the web site and display a nice little summary of the next closing item on my watch list. It works and if you are a trade me addict like me and run vista (like me too 😉 ) then you might benefit out of this.

The gadget is inspired by Darryl from Microsoft and Jeremy from mindscape who did a proper gadget for trademe a while back, however while that gadget was more focused at sellers, this one is more for junk collectors (if you seen my house, you know what I mean).

For more information and download link… Click Here



October 8, 2007


For the last month, a few people have been planning a Rocktober event. This has been largely span off getting guitar hero on the xbox at work but has since expanded to having a real band, The Golden Axes (made up with 5 or so guys at work including a singer), and dressing up as rock-stars or fans of rock-stars (either way, dressing up and looking crazy). It also included drinks and pizza, lots and lots of pizza. It was a great night, the band pulling off around 20 songs which is very impressive considering they had not been together for all that long. It also revealed a few hidden talents around the developers, Daniel, being awesome on then keyboard, Beker actually having the ability to not just play the guitar, but to actually sing and know lyrics to songs.

Music went well into the night before groups of people started disappearing and hitting the bars. Def a good time. i will upload a few pictures once I have the time.