Some free time to build a trademe watchlist gadget

screenshot_img.pngWohoo, I finally managed to get hold of a few hours to try and build a vista gadget. I call it the “Trademe Watchlist watcher”. Being a trademe fan and all, I thought why not do a small gadget that would screen scrape (due to lack of web services) the web site and display a nice little summary of the next closing item on my watch list. It works and if you are a trade me addict like me and run vista (like me too 😉 ) then you might benefit out of this.

The gadget is inspired by Darryl from Microsoft and Jeremy from mindscape who did a proper gadget for trademe a while back, however while that gadget was more focused at sellers, this one is more for junk collectors (if you seen my house, you know what I mean).

For more information and download link… Click Here


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