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KiwiCon 2k7

November 21, 2007

Kiwicon 2k7 

Last weekend I had the chance to go to Kiwicon, a security / hacking conference held in wellington running over a 2 day period. It was presented by a bunch of locals and a few out of towners, including one Russian guy with a very strong ascent. Many of the presenters had been presenting at Defcon and obviously knew what they were talking about and once again, the keynote was very impressive.Although not all the content was relevant from a developers point of view, all speakers broaden my way of thinking and highlighted to some degree the illusion of security (which is of-course relevant to everyone).

There were a few guys from Security-Assessment  presenting on how they do some of there job, what they lookout for and some examples of where things have really gone wrong (extremely useful from a developers view, especially because we deal with them a lot as they check some of the software / web applications we produce).

All and all, very worth while event, no regrets <william hung style> on spending a sunny wellington weekend inside listening to computer related security stuff.

I’m still completely wasted after the conference combined with the amount of overtime I’m pitching in at work, so not such a big write up for now but over the next few days I plan to post a few notes on some of the talks <watch this space??? 🙂 >