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Update to the trademe watchlist vista gadget

January 7, 2008

Just made a quick update to the trademe watchlist gadget for windows vista. It would seem (have not had time to really dig into it) that the response from a XMLHTTP Get request was getting cached and so it wasnt updating the auctions being displayed as oftern as it should be. Anyone using the old version should update to the new one here.

The quickest repair to this was to change the Get request to a POST (which proxies and browsers are all ment to avoid caching for). Seems to do the job 🙂

I’m also looking at getting this ported to Google desktop as I dont use vista at work, however, from initial digging, it would seem that (well atleast with Igoogle, maybe desktop acts differently???) when using the google API’s, google makes the request on your behalf and does some basic caching on the google server. this poses an issue as it nolonger makes use of your trademe cookie stored on your machine and therefore doesnt work. When I have a bit more time, i will look for work arounds… It would be great to have this gadget show up on my google desktop at work 😉