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Main Display fish tank set up

February 11, 2008

I’ve finally got my main tank to a point where I’m happy enough to show it off. Its a 350 Liter corner tank with a 1200L/H filter (it looks like an eheim but its not ūüôā ).

Its currently understocked, having only 3 cardinal fishies, 4 neon tetra ones and 1 little Golden Algae eater (the 3 pictures are stolen from the web, my fishies never stay still long enough for a quality snap).

neon cardinals   Neon tetra   Golden algae eaters

On my next trip to Auckland, i’m planning on going discus shopping. Phil (A fish breader in auckland) sells a good range of fancy coloured discus and has them on sale on trademe for a good price (usually around the $50 mark for some baby 45mm snake skin ones). i’ve been keeping an good eye on them and whenI get a chance,¬†i’ll snatch as many as my pocket can afford.

Main tank setup:
Main Fish Tank   filter   Temp

Golden Algae Eater   neon Tetra and Neon Cardinal   100_2029.jpg