Trademe Watchlist Watcher vista sidebar gadget

screenshot_img.pngRecently, Darryl and Jeremy had made a vista gadget which made use of a trademe service for keeping an eye on a users auction. This was a great idea for sellers, however as I don’t really sell to many items, I thought it would be more appropriate for me to be keeping an eye on my watchlist items. The “TM Watchlist Watcher” vista gadget does just that, It’s not as clean as it could be and its not all that ideal from the perspective that for now (until trademe decides that its worth while creating more web services for people to consume) it screenscrapes the watchlist page to get its data. However it does work and I’ll like to take a bit of pride in it and say that it works well.

autologin_img.pngBecause it is utilising screenscraping, it does require that you have the “automatic login” / “remember me” fuction turned on from the trademe site. This may pose a problem to some users who share a common user accounts on their pc (for example, mum uses the same machine / login account as you and therefore can bid on trademe using your account) but in the general case, I dont expect this would effect much of us as most heavy trademe users have this turned on by default (saves that tiny bit of time it takes to login so that you can quickly bid on auctions). Once again, its worth highlighting, this is work in progress, it is a bit rougher then ideal and was done just cos I had a extra day to do something (and cos i’m a trade me addict). Support may be limited but I will do my best (first by updating this post / documentation to be something descent).

How it works:

Every 3 minutes this utility makes a call to the trademe watchlist page and downloads a list of the watchlist items you are keeping an eye on. It then looks for the top item in that list, does some formatting around it and displays it in the gadget, simple as that. If along the way there are any errors, it will display an error icon as content and some hopefully useful but friendly error message associated with it (my hope is to create a help page to list some common issues based on these messages so if u getting something strange, feel free to describe it in the comments but also, if you find it useful, also feel free to say so in the comments to balance out the good / bad 😉


download_img.pngDownload the zip file from here. Right click on the zip file and select extract all. this should extract a file called “trademe watchlist watcher.gadget”. Doubble click on this file and vista should start the install process for gadgets.





6 Responses to “Trademe Watchlist Watcher vista sidebar gadget”

  1. Winnie Ng Says:


    Is it ok if I forward this webpage to my friends and colleagues? I think it would be pretty useful.

  2. syscon Says:

    Feel free to, Its on the net and public for all to see…. If anyone at your work uses vista and is addicted to trademe as I am, you should tell them to use this gadget 🙂

  3. Hamo Says:

    Mate, this is awesome, thanks heaps!

  4. jj Says:

    hi there how do i link the gadget to my trademe account?

    • syscon Says:

      There isnt a “config” for this as such, instead, all teh gadget does is hit the trademe “mytrademe” watch list page, grabs the first item off that list and displays it. For this to work, you must have the “remember me” setting ticked when logging in to trademe. This will allow the gadget to pick the items. I felt for security (and to remove any complexity) that people should not be entering their passwords directly into the gadget.

  5. TWINKIT Says:

    I have installed this gadget and entered my user name which I know have done correctly, I have Items on my watchlist but the gadget is not displaying them, why would this be?

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